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nina sloan TV Producer

Welcome!  I am Nina Sloan, of Sloan Media, hard working Line Producer and Assistant Director in the Film and Digital Production World.  With a Broadcasting and Film degree in hand, I started out by learning from the best at Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising, then jumped the invisible line to live action production at Sandbank Films and never looked back. 

With a love for engineering and “fixing things”,  I enjoy the challenge of putting together any kind of production large or small, on location or in studio, delivering terrific footage that meets the time and budget constraints of the project.  I look at each job like a puzzle, figuring out the most efficient way to sort out the triage that inevitably comes with.  I care about the important balancing act of moving the organized chaos forward, while leaving room for creative spontaneity and unexpected ideas.   I appreciate the attention to detail that each unique project requires and rise to the challenge of researching and sourcing those details to help craft just the right visuals.  Throughout the process I pay careful consideration to clients’ comfort and services.   In terms of production favorites, I have an affinity for visual effects, and a soft spot for working with animals and children.   The production bug I was bitten by a long time ago perhaps explains how adaptable and flexible I’ve learned to be in our Darwinian fast paced industry where,  “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”    

Currently I am available as a freelancer to budget, produce and/or assistant direct your project of any size.  I am based in the New York area, but travel from Hoboken to Hong Kong for interesting work.

This site includes my resume highlighting several long term relationships with directors/production companies, which speak for themselves of their trust in me to deliver consistent quality production.   As well, the site notes samples of my work and an extensive client list.  The photo gallery is bits and pieces of visuals from projects I thought were worth shooting and/or sharing.  I have also included some thank you notes which have made the tougher projects all worth while. 

Looking forward to helping you get your project off the ground!

Nina Sloan

DGA 1st Assistant Director/UPM/Line Producer  

nina sloan TV producer
nina sloan TV producer